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Cancer Clinics is regarded as the best cancer hospital in Hyderabad and Vizag, renowned for our efficient care and expert team of experienced surgeons and oncologists. We offer a holistic approach to cancer treatment including advanced treatments using state-of-the-art technology with the best medical oncologist in Hyderabad.

Highly Qualified Cancer Doctors

Connect with the best cancer doctors and oncologists for general advice on cancer diagnosis, cancer screening and cancer treatment.

State-of-the-art Facilities

Our centers are equipped with ICUs, chemotherapy administration area, advanced procedure rooms, and much more to give best cancer care to our patients

Professional Team

Our team of Oncology doctors is focused on offering the best oncology treatment that you can get, supported by an empathetic integrative care team who will help you manage your life through treatment and beyond.



We are the companions in your journey to fight cancer at the best oncology hospital. Our professional services are focused on offering the best cancer treatment that you can get, supported by an empathetic integrative care team who will help you manage your life through treatment and beyond.


Medical Oncology

Our medical oncologists treat cancer using chemotherapy, immunotherapy and targeted therapy

Medical Oncology

Our clinic is also uniquely designed to support medical oncology procedures in the most optimised and hassle-free manner. With the latest equipment and best protocols, we make it conducive for patients and caregivers to receive the best treatment at an affordable price.

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Surgical Oncology

Our expert panel of surgical oncologists use best in class techniques to prevent cancer from spreading or returning

Surgical Oncology

Sometimes organ preservation surgeries also ensure that the tumour can be removed without removing the organ or causing significant damage. At Cancer Clinics, our integrative care team of physical therapists, nutritionists and counsellors work with the patient to offer the required care to support a quick recovery.

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Radiation Oncology

We ensure that our patients are treated by the best names in radiation oncology using state-of the-art technology

Radiation Oncology

At Cancer Clinics, we include radiation therapy in our end-to-end treatment plans. Our multidisciplinary tumour board works together to devise the radiation therapy plan including the appropriate dosage and duration of treatment. We decide this based on the individual patient and their personalised treatment plan. Our focus on integrative care helps patients manage side effects of radiation therapy with coaching, counselling, and advice on nutrition.

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With regular cancer screening tests, we assist in diagnosing cancer early, thereby improving treatment outcomes.


Cancer Clinics believes the best way to fight cancer is by catching it early when the five-year survival rates are high and the cost of treatment is low. Our BEAT (Best outcomes through Early and Accelerated Treatment) Program is focused on ensuring just that. Through a combination of prevention, screening and surveillance strategies, the BEAT Program is pushing to move the needle on the median detection stage of cancer from the advanced stages in India to stage 1, like in the advanced countries. Come #BEATcancerwithCancerClinics.

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We offer coaching, genetic counselling, nutritional consultation and psycho-oncology to support the patient and family in a holistic way.


Our cancer coaches has medical and psycho-social training to guide the patient and family through the entire treatment cycle – from diagnosis until the end of treatment.


We understand that medications play an important role in the treatment plan, so, our in-house oncology pharmacy is always stocked with your drug requirement.

Genetic Counselling

Be advised of the risks, consequences, and predisposition to chronic illness for you and your entire family with genetic counselling.

Psycho - oncology

Our psycho-oncologists support you to reduce feelings of uncertainty, anxiety, helplessness, and confusion during the course of treatment.


Exclusively focused on the needs of cancer patients, our nutritionists ensure you get the right nutrition while managing side effects of treatment.



We make sure our patients are empowered to take control of their health and make informed choices. Their words of appreciation keep us going.


Our team of accredited, experienced and qualified oncologists and specialists are committed to offer you specialised treatment and excellent care.


Patient Support Program

Cancer Care takes a massive toll, not only on the patient's emotional and physical well-being but on their financial stability as well. We understand that for our patients and their families it is a herculean task to manage the stress of it all. Become a part of our "Patient Support Program" and avail up to 50% off on select medication. Reach out to us to check our eligibility and for more information.


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