• What is PET Scan?
    A PET scan is a type of medical test that helps doctors see how well different parts of your body are working. It uses a special radioactive tracer that shows up on pictures taken by a scanner. PET scans are used to find diseases like cancer and to check how the organs are functioning.
  • How long does PET CT Scan for cancer take?
    A PET Scan can be for 2 to 3 hours. This will consist of the time needed for the injected tracer to be distributed in the body, waiting time for the injected tracer to traverce through the body, time spent moving through the scanner and post scan wait time for safety. The length and breadth of the body determine the exact period of the exam.
  • Why is a PET Scan test conducted?
    A PET scan is conducted to detect cancer, evaluate heart conditions, study brain disorders, assess neurological conditions, and diagnose other medical issues.
  • What a PET scan can achieve would in any other case be recognized via several tests or surgical treatments. PET scans are mostly prescribed to locate and monitor cancer that has been spread in the body. Causes of heart disorders, epilepsy, cancer, etc. can be determined using PET Scans.
  • Where do I get the PET CT test results?
    After the completion of the PET Scan, you will get the reports to your phone by end of the day. You can collect the hard copy in the centre along with the CD for the scan
  • What are the advantages of a whole-body PET Scan?
    PET scans can help in detecting, staging, and treating cancer with great accuracy. It can locate, and tell us whether it is treatable and if there is a chance of any recurrence.
  • What happens during an FDG PET Scan?
    In a PET Scan, the patient will initially receive an injection of FDG. The FDG injection contains sugar water and a radioactive tracer. Once the FDG has been injected, the patient will have to lie down for 30 to 90 minutes while the FDG travels through the body. Next, the patient will be assisted to the scanner, where a CT scan will be done followed by a PET scan. The patient might have to hold their breath for a few seconds while the CT scan is being conducted.



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