Cancer is a chronic disease where only 20% of the treatment happens within the confines of a typical hospital. So, treatments such as chemotherapy, and radiation therapy, don't require overnight hospital admissions. In order to make these treatments accessible for everybody, the Cancer Clinics day-care format was cr eated.

A day-care facility is convenient and economical for patients and families. For those of you who have to travel from out of the city, you do not have to make special arrangements for a stay since we ensure that your treatment happens within the planned time, and you can get on the transport back to your hometown by the evening.

Our day-care facility is also planned and equipped in a way that is quick and efficient, and no time is wasted in delivering the required care. Our facility is equipped with trained oncologists, clinicians, oncology nurses, coaches, nutritionists, and counsellors to ensure that all your needs are taken care of

Our typical centre is a 5-bedded centre, with a dedicated chemotherapy admixture unit, oncology pharmacy, an intensive care unit, and space for nutrition consultation, counselling sessions and outpatient consultation. For VVIPs we reserve the option of offering the kind of privacy they require.

Our day-care facility timings are Monday - Saturday 9:30 AM - 6:00 PM