We are a cancer treatment centre that offer medical oncology, surgical oncology, radiation oncology and integrative care.

You can schedule an appointment with our doctors or call us at 1800 120 2676 with specific queries.

While we recommend you get an appointment, we also allow walk-in outpatient consultation.

Currently, we have 3 centres, all in Hyderabad city, and we are continuously working on adding more centres to bring cancer treatment closer to where you are. We have a standalone day-care centre in Jubilee Hills and 2 centres in reputed and clinically excellent hospitals in Banjara Hills and Ameerpet.

Yes, we do. We understand your concerns and anxieties, and encourage you to take an appointment, and drop in to our centre with your previous reports. We offer second opinions from one of our oncologists, or from a multidisciplinary doctor team (MDT) consisting of medical, surgical and radiation oncologists, or from a MDT consisting of overseas expert doctor specialised in your type of cancer.

Our cancer coaches support you through your treatment journey helping you get answers to all questions about cancer - medical, and otherwise. Our psycho-oncology team provides counselling for patient and family members. We also provide exclusive nutrition consultation for the patient based on the treatment they are undergoing. Our genetic counsellors can help you understand your predisposition to any diseases and illnesses.

Yes, we accept all major insurances.

For treatments such as chemotherapy, hospitalisation with overnight stay is not needed. So, to make treatment accessible, convenient and economical for patients and families, we have a day- care centre where patients can seek quality therapy and care, at their ease.

You can call us on our toll free number, 1800 120 2676, from Monday - Saturday 9:30AM - 6:00PM or fill in your details on our website so our team can call you.