We believe in not letting cancer take control of your life. Our services are designed to empower you and to support you through emotional and practical concerns you may have. At Cancer Clinics we believe in delivering precise and individualised care; excellent patient experience and value; and empathetic and holistic care. We hope that anyone affected by cancer knows they can turn to us for assistance.


Each treatment case is unique based on the patient's needs and the type of cancer. Two patients of the same age, and with similar types of cancer may require different treatment methodologies. Our treatment protocols combine medical interventions and specialised allied services - nutrition, psycho-oncology, genetics, coaching - to ensure finest outcomes for the patient. Every case that shows indications for genetic involvement is counselled and tested to ensure the treatment is tailored and recurrence in the same person or other members of the family is prevented.

We acknowledge that every individual is unique, and their needs are unique, and take care to provide personalised attention to every patient treated at Cancer Clinics. We also employ precision oncology which is an innovative approach that the treatment you receive is specialised specifically to the gene mutations that have caused that cancer in you.


We, at Cancer Clinics, strive for excellence in the care that we provide. Our doctor team has qualified from leading institutions of the country like AIIMS - Delhi, Adyar Cancer Institute - Chennai, Kidwai Regional Cancer Centre - Bangalore, Tata Memorial Hospital - Mumbai, and collectively have more than 75 years of experience treating cancer. They have published peer-reviewed papers to ensure they are staying at the cutting edge of the science of cancer treatment.

Additionally, all our staff is exclusively trained to understand the needs of an oncology clinic, we use state-of-the-art latest technologies to deliver treatment, and with our integrative care team, we ensure that the health and wellness of the patient is of utmost priority to us.


A cancer diagnosis is often devastating to the patient and family. Empathy plays an important role in ensuring the wellbeing of patients. When the medical care team provides an empathetic environment, patient participation increases, thereby, improving the treatment outcome.

We strongly believe that empathy increases the bond between the patient and the medical care team, and our team always works towards building a strong relationship with the patient and family, which consequently ensures better compliance with treatment and improved outcomes.

Cancer Clinics trained cancer coaches will handhold the patient and family through the entire treatment journey. Given cancer treatment has many steps and can take many months, having a partner that handholds the patient and family and addresses many questions on their mind can be invaluable.