Second opinion provides a way for individuals and their families to consult with experts to evaluate a particular diagnosis and its specified treatment protocols.

A cancer diagnosis is often very hard to process for both the patient and the family. The disease and treatment protocols are fairly complex, and it is hard to make decisions related to treatment.

They also have several questions related to the right procedures and the treatment plan. This doubt is a pertinent response since the treatment plan for cancer is not single dimensional and several elements go into deciding the appropriate course of action. It is also very important for the patient and family to have a good relationship with the doctor that they are dealing with. Clear communication helps ease and assuage anxieties.

A second opinion helps in dispelling any doubts related to prognosis, diagnosis or treatment.

People seek a second opinion for any of the following reasons.

  • You wish to confirm the diagnosis
  • You want to understand more about cancer, with respect to its location, and whether cancer has spread
  • You do not understand what your doctor has told you so far
  • You want a clearer interpretation of the test results
  • You want to understand if the suggested treatment plan is right
  • You are not satisfied with the suggested treatment plan
  • You would like to consider alternative treatment options and want to know more
  • You wish to seek a specialist for your kind of cancer
  • You would like to know more about clinical trials
  • You have trouble communicating with your doctor
  • You just want to speak to another medical professional before proceeding further

Seeking a second opinion does not mean that you are going against your doctor and their procedures. It is a way of reassuring yourself, that you have made the right healthcare choice.

Our panel of doctors, that provides second opinions, consists of experts in various areas of oncology. They help guide individuals to ensure that their treatment is proceeding on the right track.

A second opinion

  • Confirms if a suggested diagnosis or treatment protocol is accurate
  • Educates individuals on the range of treatment options available to them in case of a diagnosis
  • Helps clarify any doubts or queries an individual might have regarding their diagnosis or treatment
  • Helps individuals make informed decisions thereby saving time and effort

At Cancer Clinics, you can reach out to us via a call, and send us all the required information and reports via email or on WhatsApp. After our panel of doctors assesses your case, we will get back to you with the written second opinion and a face-to-face or video consultation, all within 72 working hours.

Before reaching out to a doctor for the second opinion, prepare for the same by noting down the following.

  • All reports of the patient
  • Questions that you or family have regarding the diagnosis or treatment
  • Specific symptoms that you would like to mention
  • What you wish to seek from a second opinion