A treatment plan is a well-defined document that specifies the exact plan of cancer care including medical treatment and integrative care that is shared by the patient, family, oncologist, coach and other members of the care team so that everyone is aware of their individual responsibilities.

At Cancer Clinics, we are very keen on following appropriate procedures so that the patient and family are empowered to be part of the treatment. Our oncologists work in detail to offer a clear understanding of the goal of treatment, the treatment options to meet the goal, side effects, and the length of treatment. We will also indicate a potential cost of treatment and details about follow-up care.

Our coach will constantly be by your side to ensure the treatment plan is followed, and keep you informed about the changes on the plan. They will also work with you to equip your home with the appropriate needs for the patient.

While the oncologist will ensure medical care delivery based on the treatment plan, our integrative care team will provide nutritional and psycho-social support needed to keep up with the plan.