Cancer is one of the deadliest chronic diseases known to us. Besides its rampant spread in our society today, there are other factors that have given this disease such a deadly status… Its causes are not always known, its growth within the body is uncertain, treatment is still sometimes more an art form than a science and not to mention survival rates are still unpredictable. When it comes to cancer, all these aspects only go to endorsing the old adage ‘Prevention is better than cure.’

It is important that we all understand how to prevent cancer to the best of our abilities and inculcate habits in our day to day lives which support this effort. "Cheating" cancer is all about preventing cancer and if that unfortunately is not possible then detecting it early enough to give your bodies a fighting chance.

In order to “cheat” cancer there are two habits you must cultivate:

Most of us believe that getting cancer is either fate or luck and that cancer is unpredictable. This unpredictable nature of cancer makes it difficult for us to understand as to what the primarily causes of cancer are. But we all know that we are all at risk of getting cancer. Our risk of getting cancer majorly depends on the combination of our genes, our environment and the lifestyle we chose. Some of these are not under our control but a major part is. The lifestyle choices we make can affect our risk of getting cancer. There are certain factors that can be avoided and hence reduce our risk. Though it is not guaranteed that you might not get cancer even if you do all the right things or make the necessary changes, research suggests that more than half the cancers relate to avoidable factors. Hence, simple lifestyle changes can make a huge difference. To more about how to reduce your risk visit

Most of the times when the symptoms of cancer begin to show and diagnosis of cancer is made, there are chances that the cancer has begun to spread. Cancer might not always show warning signs. Screening yourself for cancer, can help you diagnose it early, making the treatment an easier process with less complications. Screening is nothing but getting yourself checked even before the symptoms appear, while you are healthy. Research has shown that treatment outcomes are better with early diagnosis. More than half of the cancers can be detected early and treated effectively. Hence you must undergo regular cancer screening to detect the disease early in case you ever get it - Chances of survival increase when cancer has not progressed too far. Screening also helps to find cancer even before you can see or feel it. As a mandated protocol, we must all go for regular screening even though we are healthy and do not have any symptoms. Your health is in your hands.

Please remember cancer is a disease best avoided. The physical and emotional trauma that the disease and its treatment cause can be daunting for the best of us. Added to this, the financial strain the treatment puts people through only enhances the ordeal.

So, do your best to “CHEAT” cancer.